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With all these false rumors about root canals flying around, you can rest assured with the fact that with modern anesthetic and technology, you can experience little to no pain. There has been much research done and no illnesses can be related to root canals, and saving your natural teeth through this process is one of the best options. Here at Bull City Smiles Cosmetic & Family Dentistry, Debora Bolton DDS, we strive to provide the best experience for you and your smile so you don’t experience any pain.

This restorative treatment is typically needed when an infection deep in the tooth has occurred from bacteria. A cavity or injury could have resulted in the tooth being exposed. Without immediate treatment, you may need to seek a full restoration, and depending on the treatment, can be costly. A root canal procedure may be the answer for you and consists of the following steps:

– An anesthetic will first be administered by your dentist, numbing the tooth. A dental dam made of rubber might be placed beforehand to keep the tooth area dry during the procedure.

– Then small tools will be used to access the middle of the tooth, creating an opening on top. Any diseased pulp will then be removed with files and washed out with water. An antimicrobial solution will kill any remaining bacteria.

– Gutta-percha, a rubber-like material, will then be placed in the empty chamber. A temporary filling may be placed while you wait for your permanent crown. After it’s made, the crown will be placed on top. A post may be placed in the chamber as well if needed.

Dr. Debora Bolton and our dental associates here in Durham, North Carolina, want to give you the best dental care, and we can provide root canal services, restoring your tooth back to its health. Give our dental professionals a call today at 919-381-5900 to set up a consultation or make an appointment for your tooth’s restoration today!