Dr. Debora Bolton has years of experience examining children’s teeth and helping parents learn how to care for their children’s young smiles. If appropriate, we will take x-rays (pictures or radiographs) of your child’s teeth. X-rays are vital and essential in completely and properly diagnosing cavities and other dental problems. Without x-rays, certain serious dental conditions can and will be missed. We definitely limit your child’s exposure to the minimum amounts necessary to ensure a proper diagnosis.

Your child’s teeth will be cleaned and then protected with a topical fluoride application. By using various techniques such as “Tell-Show-Do” and age appropriate words (such as “tooth tickler” and “Mr. Thirsty”), we can help your child understand and feel more comfortable during the cleaning.

Using a “tooth counter” and the “baby tooth mirror,” we’ll show both you and your child all the discoveries that we find. Appropriate oral hygiene and diet instructions will be given, specific to your child’s needs. Then, discovering the “treasure tower” is always a fun part of the visit. We reward your child for trying and doing their best!

Parents are welcome to either relax in the reception room or accompany their child into the operatory area. We do need to have a parent or legal guardian in the operatory for all examination and emergency evaluation appointments in order to get your written, informed consent for any other needed treatment for your child.