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Are you aware of the risk factors associated with dietary choices and selections? Your diet often contains several products that can put your teeth at an extreme risk of dental damage. Although there are several options to enhance your diet and remineralize your teeth and gums, it is important to also be proactive and avoiding products that can lead to tooth hazard risks.

Tooth hazards commonly associated with dental erosion include products that are high in sugars and starches. Typically, this includes gummy candies, soda, sports drinks, fruit juice, potato chips or any other sugary or starchy products. By removing them from your daily life, you can help protect your smile by adding an additional layer of protection.

Furthermore, constantly snacking throughout the day or trying to open products with your teeth can put your smile at risk of dental damage. Constantly snacking can increase the rate at which tooth decay occurs, whereas opening products with your teeth can lead to immediate oral accidents and injuries. If possible, avoid both habits.

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