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Do you have bleeding in your gums? Do you know that you could be experiencing gum disease if you do? Gum disease can be a tricky condition because it is hard to spot until it is often too late to save a tooth or two. That is why, our dentist with Bull City Smiles Cosmetic & Family Dentistry, Debora Bolton DDS in Durham, North Carolina, is here to share some information with you on how to catch gum disease if it is hiding in your smile.

Here are some signs and symptoms that expose gum disease in your smile:

– Did you know that gum disease can often arise as a condition in which your gums are failing to hold your teeth in place? If your teeth are moving around your mouth, are loose or are separating away from each other, it could be linked to an underlying problem such as gum disease.

– Gum disease has been shown to help produce several oral health risks including symptoms associated with pain when eating or chewing.

– If you are suffering from gum disease, your gums will frequently bleed while eating or cleaning them or will be extra tender when touched.

– The frequent recurrence of bad breath is a known symptom of gum disease.

– The presence of pus and sores in your mouth could be linked to a hidden condition such as gum disease.

If you think gum disease may be in your smile, then please feel free to call us today at 919-381-5900 to make an appointment. Our dental team can help you fight and reverse this condition and restore your oral health. Dr. Debora Bolton looks forward to enhancing your oral health!