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Have you ever thought about which foods are healthy for your smile? Although all foods inevitably wear down teeth slightly due to the chewing mechanism, it is hard to wear teeth out if you are adequately taking care of them. This includes through the use of making healthy food choices.

The excitement of a better smile awaits with healthy food choices. The key to understanding what to eat includes the following:

– Seek out foods with a high water content, especially crunchy ones. These attributes can wash away bacteria and food residue more easily and help keep your teeth clean.

– Foods high in phosphorus and calcium have been proven to strengthen tooth enamel. Typically, this includes a variety of meats and cheeses, nuts, and many types of milk.

– Snacking between meals can increase the odds for tooth decay to occur.

– Saliva is one of the most important processes for keeping your mouth healthy. Always strive to keep a heavy saliva flow in your mouth with alternative cleaning tools such as sugarless gum.

– Foods lacking in sugar and carbohydrates tend to be healthier for your teeth, as sugars can be converted into harmful acids that eat through tooth enamel.

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