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Dental anxiety is a very real – and serious – problem in America. On average, it keeps about 14 million Americans from receiving the readily available dental treatment they need in order to maintain optimal oral health.

However, sedation dentistry at Bull City Smiles Cosmetic & Family Dentistry, Debora Bolton DDS in Durham, North Carolina is the answer to dental anxiety issues. Sedation completely eliminates anxiety and turns a visit to the dentist into a pleasant experience.

How does it work?

Sedation dentistry works by applying four different levels of sedation to a patient, based on their anxiety level and the complexity of the procedure for which they’re visiting the office.

The lowest level is laughing gas, or nitrous, and it goes all the way up to general anesthesia (for procedures like wisdom tooth extraction). Sedation can be administered either orally, via injection, or IV.

Is it safe?

Yes, sedation dentistry is safe and approved by the American Dental Association. It’s highly unlikely any sort of complication will arise as a result of sedation used during dental procedures.

If you deal with dental anxiety, you’re certainly not alone. It’s a problem that many face, but it’s important to utilize all available resources to overcome the issue so that you can have the best oral health possible.

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