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Maintaining an ideal smile consists of making sure that you receive any necessary dental restorations you may need to improve the condition of your teeth. With healthy teeth, you can dramatically lower your chances of further damage and even improve the visual appearance of your smile. If, for any reason, you have suffered any form of dental damage, it is important that you consider your tooth restoration options.

In situations where you’re looking to dramatically enhance the look of your smile, there are various tooth restoration treatments that can help. Not only can some tooth restorations improve the look of your smile but they can also often add an additional layer of protection to prevent dental damage and repair any damage that you’ve already received.

If your teeth are damaged with chips, cracks or other issues, you may require a prosthetic device such as a dental crown, which covers the tooth on all sides. Alternatively, dental veneers can provide a minimal amount of protection while providing extensive visual enhancements to the look of a tooth. Dental veneers are designed to attach to the front surface of a tooth to correct minor imperfections and improve your smile’s appearance.

In situations where tooth decay has borne a hole in a tooth and created a cavity, you may need a dental filling. This procedure can remove the damaged parts of your tooth and replace them with a dental restoration that can provide the strength and appearance of your natural tooth. If your teeth have any kind of stains or discolorations, they can be treated with a tooth whitening treatment that can not only remove stains but dramatically improve the color of teeth as well.

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