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Are you aware of common risks during your teen years that can put your smile in harm’s way? During your teen years, the last of your adult teeth, known as the wisdom teeth, fully grow in. Once your wisdom teeth have grown in, you will not be getting any more permanent teeth, so they need to be cared for to provide decades of support throughout your life. However, various risks such as wearing mouth jewelry or playing sports can put your smile in harm’s way.

Did you know that even after decades of care for your smile, it can all be undone due to a single oral accident? Unfortunately, sports are known for causing several forms of dental damage and blunt trauma if you are not careful. To limit the effects of a strike to your face, always wear safety equipment whenever you’re involved with activities of high risk, especially with contact sports. Typically, you should wear mouth guards, face masks and helmets whenever applicable.

In many cases, teens may find themselves at risk for peer pressure influences including smoking, using drugs or wearing mouth jewelry. Not only can lip and tongue rings cause permanent nerve damage or chipped teeth but using drugs or smoking tobacco can cause immediate bad breath, stained teeth or lead to severe oral health risks including tooth loss and cancer. Instead, avoid these peer pressure influences and seek out healthier ways to keep your smile safe.

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