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If you want a strong, healthy, and beautiful smile, it’s important to use the best oral hygiene instruments possible. However, we’re afraid that might be a bit more difficult than it sounds. There are many products in the world today that can harm and damage your teeth and gums if you let them, which is why it might be difficult to find a safe and effective tool. But it’s not impossible! To help you, our Bull City Smiles Cosmetic & Family Dentistry, Debora Bolton DDS team recommends that you avoid using these three things to clean your smile:

Over-the-counter scalers

Over-the-counter scalers are not safe for your teeth nor your gums. Many people use this instrument to remove the plaque and tartar from their chompers, but oftentimes they tend to damage their gums and teeth, leading to tooth chipping, tooth sensitivity, gum recession, and gum infection. It can also lead to gum abscesses because the tartar is frequently pushed below the gumline. The only people who should use a scaler to clean your teeth are your dental hygienist or dentist.

Hard-bristled toothbrushes

Hard-bristled toothbrushes are harmful products that can damage your teeth and gums. Many people believe that the hard bristles remove the plaque more efficiently, but that is not the case. Soft-bristled toothbrushes safely and effectively clean your smile all while taking care of the gums.

Products that are not approved by the ADA

The American Dental Association is an organization that tests products for safety and effectiveness. If a product passes the test, it will receive a stamp of approval. These products are the best for your smile because they take good care of your chompers. So, if a product does not have the seal of approval, it’s best to avoid using it.

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