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Attending a routine dental checkup and cleaning every six months is an important aspect of maintaining strong teeth and a healthy mouth. Every one of these appoints administered at Bull City Smiles Cosmetic & Family Dentistry, Debora Bolton DDS has been carefully designed to clean, exam, and address the wide range of factors that contribute to maintaining good oral health.

Each checkup starts with one of Dr. Debora Bolton’s dental hygienists performing a dental cleaning and polishing treatment. This will thoroughly remove plaque, and tartar from your teeth, as well as polishing away minor surface stains.

Dr. Debora Bolton will then examine your mouth for any signs of cavities, periodontal health problems, and oral cancers. If she finds an area of concern she will present you with the more effective method for treating or preventing future problems.

If your tooth enamel shows signs of being compromised, Dr. Debora Bolton might recommend a fluoride treatment to bolster the strength of your tooth enamel. This can help prevent cavities and other tooth decay complications before your next dental exam.

This will expose your tooth enamel to concentrated fluoride which will help remineralize your tooth enamel. Dr. Debora Bolton pours a small amount of concentrated fluoride gel into special trays. You will need to hold them in your mouth, along with a small suction wand, for a few minutes.

If you live in the Durham, North Carolina, area and you are due for your next dental checkup you should call 919-381-5900 to schedule an appointment at Bull City Smiles Cosmetic & Family Dentistry, Debora Bolton DDS.