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The natural bacteria living in your mouth are empowered by poor oral hygiene. Without consistent brushing and flossing, this can allow a cavity to form on one or more of your teeth. Procrastinating treatment allows the cavity to spread. In time, the tooth could be so badly compromised that the only viable treatment option is to have Dr. Debora Bolton restore it with a dental crown.

First, your dentist will examine the tooth to assess the extent of the decay. Then, a drill will be used to remove the tooth enamel to form an abutment out of the core of the tooth. This post-like structure will later anchor the crown with the same integrity as the original tooth.

Your dentist will then take a detailed impression of the abutment and the surrounding teeth. This will be sent to our off-site dental lab where your new crown will be custom crafted. A durable temporary crown will then be secured over the abutment to keep it safe while you await the completion of your dental crown.

Once your new crown has been completed, you will need to come in for a second appointment. This will be brief as the dentist will remove the temporary crown and use a strong dental adhesive to secure the crown into place.

If you have a tooth suffering from untreated decay and you’re interested in a dental crown in Durham, North Carolina, you should call 919-381-5900 to schedule an appointment at Bull City Smiles Cosmetic & Family Dentistry, Debora Bolton DDS.